2nd National Biobank Symposium 2013 – Call for Papers

Submissions can be made up to October 6, 2013

2nd National Biobank Symposium 2013 – Call for Papers

September 11, 2013. The National Biobank Symposium will take place for the second time in Berlin from December 11 to 12. Papers on the topic of "The Future of Biobanks in Germany: Networking, Collaboration, and Structural Development" can be submitted by October 6, 2013.

Internationally, German biobanks enjoy an excellent reputation and are competitive. The National Biobank Symposium, which has become a fixed date in the science calendar and will now be taking place for the second time, aims to initiate synergy benefits for intensive dialog and greater collaboration at regional and cross-regional levels. That is a prerequisite for further strengthening German biobank-based research and promoting its international integration and visibility.

For this purpose, the symposium pools the expertise of the biobank community with regard to key issues of cross-location standardization/harmonization of quality management, networked exchange of data and samples, IT and data interoperability, and sustainable biobanking. The symposium serves as a platform for current research with biobanks and aims to develop the option of dialog with industry concerning biobank-relevant technologies.

Abstracts can be submitted on the following topics up to October 6, 2013 at www.biobanken.de/symposium/callforpapers:

Topics for the submission of papers: 

1.   Biobanking in clinical studies

  • Use of pre-existing samples from biobanks

2.   IT support and interoperability

  • Interfaces between IT systems in biobanks and clinics (laboratory, pathology)
  • Automation solutions, monitoring systems and their IT control
  • IT support for project management and quality assurance
  • Use of data standards in biobanking
  • Interoperability of various biobank IT systems

3.   Sustainability and financing of biobanks

  • Business model – cost recovery for biobanking
  • Experiences with fee-for-service in an academic context
  • Prerequisites for and consequences of the commercialization of samples

4.   Perspectives and obstacles on the road to quality management in biobanks

  • Stumbling blocks on the road to the ideal QM biomarker
  • Storage of legacy samples
  • Biomarkers for sample quality control – examples, experiences, perspectives

5.   Best practice in ethics, data protection, law, and public relations

  • Open consent for research with biobanks
  • Papers from individual biobanks on how to successfully deal with data protection agencies, ethics committees, and the public

6.   New technologies and developments

  • Cryotechnology, extraction technology, diagnostics, virtual microscopy, sensor technology, pipetting robotics, automation
  • Dialog with industry



Further information:

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  3. Info-Flyer: Call for Papers [German version]



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